Thursday, August 30, 2007

What to expect from a top flight trade show company

We can all tend to agree in order to attain new business from your next trade show, you would like to have a show-stopping, visually arresting and business producing trade show display, right?

But in order to attain that visually striking display you must seek out and search for a reputable trade show display vendor or distributor. Finding them is not the issue for there is a litany of suitors. The issue will be finding one that has knowledgeable people to: answer your call, take time to assimilate which display (stand up banner, tabletop pop up exhibit, portable folding booth, or exhibit truss) might best suit your immediate needs, figure out a strategic branding campaign (trade show signage), and generally act as a guide to lead you through the myriad of trade show information out there.

A Smash Hit Displays’ people possess the skill set described above who will answer the phone and listen to your needs and make your trade show booth designs come to life! They will then process that information and formulate a plan to place you with the display and graphics that will achieve the outcome you desire.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

What if you miss a trade show deadline?

Are you a procrastinator? If so, then don’t be too alarmed for you have mucho slack from most trade show exhibitors. Just keep in mind it might cost you to miss a deadline.

It's amazing how deadlines always creep up on us and pass us bye. With trade shows, missed deadlines aren't always a catastrophe. You'll just have to pay more for the service if you sign up after the designated time and possibly even more should you wait till the day of your show.

On the flip side, should you beat the deadlines, there are early-bird discounts or prepayment discounts. So red flag all of those so you know you can eliminate early. Also, be aware of the convention centers that require union labor. Usually, for those locations, if your booth requires any tools, then union labor must be utilized. Should you be one of the lucky ones and have a portable display such as a fabric banner stand, tabletop pop up exhibit, or a panel trade show exhibit, you won’t have to deal with the union imposition. Be sure and check the requirements because each show is different. It’s always better to study more than less for such an investment!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Used trade show displays

For those of you looking to purchase a trade show pop up booth, you might be better off looking at used displays as opposed to new ones. Taking that thought a step further; you might even feel more comfortable renting a display. Renting alleviates the need to store a display and pay for shipping to and fro to each show. But, you must keep in mind if you rent more than once that cost would have paid for a new display. So, there is a trade off of sorts and it just depends on what is most important at that time.

Whether renting or buying used displays, make sure your graphics are eye catching. The display is important because it gives you a professional looking backdrop but that’s only half of the equation. In order to add flavor and complete your display area you must add some sort of graphics. With graphics keep in mind less is more. You want to grab potential customer’s attention and you must try and imagine what your customers would consider viewing that would attract them to your booth space.

Remember your graphics need to be eye catching to the point it holds the customer’s attention. Great displays should have features like custom trade show graphics, versatility, flexibility, and should be easy to assemble. The representatives at Smash Hit Displays are experts who can assist you with your decision making process when it comes to your tradeshow equipment needs. Whether you decide to rent or purchase a used display, make sure you know all the pros and cons associated.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Training your booth staffers

If you want a quick to-do on how to train your booth staffers then this article is right up your alley.

For those who have exhibited previously you know one of the most important ways to ensure a truly successful exhibiting experience is the proper training of your booth staff.

Our author informs us your staff accounts for 90% of the "positive feelings" show attendees have about the show and your company. That number makes those representatives a substantial investment. Trade show attendees attend to become better informed about products and services they need. So they expect your booth staff to be knowledgeable and have the answers to their questions.

It's not enough to send your top sales reps and hope for the best. Engaging a trade show attendee takes a different approach than a typical sales call. You have to engage the attendee quickly and in a way that pulls them into a conversation. Simply saying "Hi. How are you today?" opens up the opportunity for the show attendee to say "fine" and keep on walking. You don’t have the time for small talk. All words should be focused and succinct and meant to engage the attendee to learn whether they are or are not a viable potential customer.

Our author offers a few steps your booth staff will progress through during the course of the show. The first is called appropriately “The First Cut”.

As mentioned previously, you want to send your "people-oriented" representatives, as well as those who know the most about your company. You should also look for enthusiastic, high-energy representatives who have a naturally positive attitude and an air of confidence. Because a large part of any type of sales presentation includes an element of consulting, your selected representatives must also be good listeners. For in order to address questions with viable answers your sales reps must hear what an attendee is saying or most importantly asking.

The second stage is “Sending the Message”.

Part of your show planning process is setting objectives. Realize what is going to be most important at that show. Do you want to take orders, build your brand awareness or introduce new products and gather leads?

Whatever your goals may be, make sure your booth staff understands exactly what they are beforehand. Arm them with “your” message(s). Empower them with information about your competition and your competitive advantages.

Remember the better organized and focused you and your staff are before the show the better your response from the attendees and possible future customers. A Smash Hit Displays love to consult for those customers willing to listen but we realize sometimes there is little time to speak during the day. Please consult our trade show tips and articles pages as you will most assuredly find some articles to better prepare you and your staff for upcoming shows. Always remember, we are here as a resource willing and able to set you above your competition when it comes to that all-important trade show!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Trade Show Strategies

The reason many of us exhibit or attend trade shows is because they are designed to let entrepreneurs meet many potential customers face-to-face in a brief period of time somewhat inexpensively.

Trade shows become a level playing field, since booth space is generally inexpensive. Even small companies can typically afford attractive displays like a portable pop up display, orbital truss display, a burst display, or a custom backlit display. With creative marketing for your trade show graphics and booth design, small businesses can actually appear as substantial as much larger corporations.

Our author offers some benefits of trade shows.
-take place at a single location
-have short runs (usually one to three days)
- bring together thousands of exhibitors and potential customers
- they are a very powerful marketing medium.

It is possible during the course of one trade show to personally meet most of your important clients and suppliers, making shows a good way to establish and reinforce relationships.

Our exhibit design team believes there are many reasons for exhibiting and some of them include:
· Generating sales leads
· Generating actual sales at the show
· Enhancing your image and visibility
· Reaching a specific audience
· Establishing a presence in the marketplace
· Improving the effectiveness and efficiency of your marketing efforts
To learn the remaining benefits for exhibiting at a trade show please read the entire article linked to this page. For our author is quite the expert in this arena.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Trade Show Lead Sheet

We, as business owners, can address a major complaint by most sales reps concerning incomplete contact information. Try developing a lead sheet that includes spaces for all the specific information you’d need to gather on a prospect. Further, try making them small enough to keep on your person.

One critical piece of information to add to a lead sheet is a priority code or assessment. Similar to the movie rating system, try coming up with a simple 3-to-5 level rating system to assess how "hot" mature this lead might be. It’s most important to make sure your booth staffers understand and use this rating system when they talk with show attendees.

For those of you who have moved past this system to a computerized model then pay close attention. If you rent one of the electronic lead-collection systems that gather information from the attendee's swiped nametag, definitely pay the additional costs to customize the data.

As these systems are different, study the literature well, and make sure you can record as much specific information as possible. If customization isn’t possible, it might not make sense to rent one at all and simply use a lead sheet as identified earlier.

Follow-Up Flow ChartsAs is the case with any leads in sales, hot prospects grow cold swiftly if not actly upon with haste. Therefore, it is incumbent on you to move quickly with a lead follow-up process. Make sure you have a plan in place for the follow-up. What does this mean?

· Sending fulfillment packages out within five days after your show
· Allowing two to five days for lead qualification
· Allowing no more than two weeks to pass before phone contact is made reps

For the remainder of that listing, please read our author’s article because you can’t afford to miss this nuggets.

A Smash Hit Displays believes in the little things because these often progress into the larger things that make or break your show experience. For the seasoned sales veteran, there can never be too much preparation when it comes to potential customers. Acting swiftly and with a purpose will close more of those potential leads than simply flying by the seat of one’s pants. Pay attention to the tips offered previously and you will succeed in spades after your next show.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Big Book

Shortly after the application has been sent in and processed, you'll receive your exhibitor packet/binder/folder of information. Unless you're a paperwork junkie, you may be a little overwhelmed by the volume of forms to fill out. The show information will include forms for everything from booth cleaning and rented floral arrangements, to advertising and promotion opportunities.
Tackle them one at a time and flag all of the deadlines. Some shows will actually provide you with a checklist and schedule of deadlines. For those that don’t, take this advice: Create your own! Be sure you really need all of the services offered.

What If You Miss a Deadline?It's amazing how things like deadlines will creep up on you. Missed deadlines aren't always a catastrophe, but keep in mind you will have to pay more for the service when you sign up after the fact. Many times, there are early-bird discounts or prepayment discounts for a lot of the show items. Try to fulfill those if possible to save some money and time.

Further, be aware of those convention centers that require union labor. For such locations, if your booth requires tools, union labor must do it. If you have a portable, pop-up or modular panel system booth, you're probably fine. Just check the requirements before you go so you are prepared.

Booth StaffingPart of the paperwork will be the total number and the names of your booth staff. Possible problem concerning staff include deciding who will attend. Depending on the show location, you may have people begging to go, or begging not to go.

Packing and ShippingYou've sent in all of the forms, everything is ready and paid for, so now you just have to pack it up and ship it. Your show paperwork will have explicit instructions for precisely how and when your booth must arrive. Make sure you review them. If your booth arrives early, you may have to pay to have it transferred and stored; if it arrives late, well... you don't want that to happen. Make sure you know all of the requirements for your shipper, as well as the convention center. Also, make sure you send everything together in the same shipment. Your drayage charge (what the convention center charges you to take your booth shipment from the loading dock to your booth space) works on a minimum charge basis. Every time something comes in that has to be taken to your booth, there is a minimum charge of usually about $200 or more. If you can keep everything together, you'll just get charged once based on the shipment's weight. So remember to send last minute incidentals to the hotel where your staff is staying instead of the convention hall.

You can rely on A Smash Hit Displays to assist with the logistical portion of your show preparation. If you have questions or need some guidance please don’t hesitate to call us. Even though we provide the likes of portable folding booth, truss wall, an xpression booth, or pedestal stands, we also can act as a show consultant to help smooth out any potential show obstacles.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Selecting the Best Trade Shows

How do we know which trade shows out there are best for us?

With over 9,000 trade shows being held every year, you must make wise choices to stretch your marketing dollars, because even though trade shows give you a great bang for the buck, they also are a huge initial investment.

The first place to start is with your industry's associations. These shows will typically be targeted right to your market, and often are reasonable in cost. You should also check trade publications with whom you advertise.

Finally, another resource is the Web. Try the following sites,, or for show directories around the world in all types of industries. Remember no list is entirely complete so try and make sure you examine more than one directory.

Just as with the example of multiple directories, A Smash Hit Displays often urge our customers to peruse competitor sites to see the broad spectrum when it comes to our arena. Quite frankly we offer the best selection in trade show equipment and accessories whether you need a portable folding booth, truss wall, an xpression booth, or pedestal stands.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Other Things to Keep in Mind

If you plan on shipping your booth to your next show then please read the following article as it will help you avoid possible pitfalls.

First, help yourself by knowing the size and weight limitations of your shippers, as well as the conference locations for the trade shows you are attending. When it comes to shipping your display materials never assume or trivialize the smallest details. They often come back to haunt you becoming huge issues.

Second, when it comes to constructing your display know the tools you’ll need, as well as the muscle required to do it. This comes into play both from your booth staffing standpoint, and the convention center requirements. Always check with the conference facility to see if they require union labor assemble your booths. Typically, if a facility has an agreement with the labor union, then anything that requires tools to put together or can't be carried without the help of a hand truck or dolly must be put together by union labor.

Third, if you get a portable booth, make sure your cases are durable and replaceable. Shippers NEVER give your shipments due consideration as they are only worried about making specified dates and times. Keep in mind almost 90% of booth mishaps are due to the shippers! If you ship primarily with 3rd party vendors inevitably accidents will occur. So, the better shape you can keep your cases the better your chances of keeping your booth in one working piece.

A Smash Hit Displays is fully aware of the points mentioned above. Should you require a more hands on approach to shipping your product then give our crack team of experts a call. Remember, we are here to assist you and make sure your trade show experiences are profitable and stress free.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Organizing your trade show staff

Do you have a need to get your trade show staff trained and ready i.e organized? If so, then the following article is well worth your read time.

Try to assign a Captain to be in charge and manage the other staff members. Even if you are attending a small show and are only sending two staffers, it still makes sense to do this so they know who is in command. That way there leaves no doubt in their minds.

Part of the Captain's job will include organizing rotations and breaks. There are always other activities during the show such as vendor meetings, client luncheons, training sessions, etc., that warrant sending a booth staffer to attend.

Next, assign someone to manage the show leads. This is most important as it will entail following up with potential new customers! This person will ensure that follow-up letters are written, information packets are prepared for mailing, and lead forms are filled out correctly and completely.

Our author was gracious to offer additional tips that your booth staff should keep in mind at the show.

· Don't eat in the booth.
· Don't talk on the phone in the booth.
· Watch your body language. (Don't stand with your arms folded across your chest -- it's not an "inviting" stance.)
· Remember breath mints!
· Take breaks -- about five minutes per hour.
· Wear comfortable shoes.
· Dress depending upon your industry and market.
· Don't carry on conversations with other booth staff while prospects are walking by.
· Don't sit down while attendees are in the exhibit hall.
· Do venture out into the aisle to greet attendees.
· Make sure you have a pen and a lead form handy at all times.

A Smash Hit hopes after reading this article your staff will be armed and ready to achieve success for your show booth. All that remains is to outfit your booth with the latest and greatest in fabric pop up displays, ad stands, custom fabric tension displays, trade show furniture and trade show signage to make that first impression a memorable one. Next, we'll help you set up a system to get the most out of your show leads.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Narrowing your trade show list

Based primarily on budgets and obvious time constraints, most companies must find out which shows are the best for their needs from their wish list. The key to finding the best shows is figuring what shows pull in the most decision makers.

To find out who attends, ask the show management for a demographic profile of their attendees from previous forums. Typically, show literature will list only the numbers and general titles of their attendees. You'll need to do some research but in the long run you might save yourself undue time and money. Check the titles and purchasing responsibility if that information is available.

Another avenue to finding the best shows is contacting past attendees. Have a list of questions ready that will tell you if they are indeed the decision makers, and what value they placed on their time spent in the exhibit hall. You can also check out the exhibitor list from the previous year, and ask those non-competing exhibitors what their impressions of the show were and whether they will be attending again.

You also need to check with the show managers and ask how they are promoting the show and about their strategy for getting people to the exhibit hall. If it's a new show, there should be ample promotion to attract the traffic you need to make it worthwhile.

Once you've targeted the best shows to attend, you need to decide how your display space will look. We can help in that regard outfitting you with a display (truss displays, Burst exhibits, backlit graphic exhibits, or a portable folding booth) that best fits your needs, a special custom logo rug or trade show carpets, and eye catching tradeshow graphics. For all your one stop show booth needs ask for "the trade show guys" Evan and Erik.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Managing your tradeshow schedule and materials

Do you wish to learn how to manage your next show and its materials? Then take a gander at our latest offering. For some, the most tedious part of any job is the paperwork; so if you're involved in managing the company's trade shows -- be prepared! There are forms to be filled out for every aspect of the tradeshow.

Where do you start? First, contact the show management for the shows you planned to attend and request an exhibitor application. You should do this as promptly as possible with the mindset many show managers require paperwork and deposits to be prepared and paid well in advance. Also, some shows base booth location on a first come, first served basis.

In terms of the exhibitor form, fill it out completely and carefully. It is usually with the application forms that you have the opportunity to choose the all-important booth location. Usually, you'll list a minimum three locations in order of preference. When choosing a location, think about traffic flow into the exhibit hall. If possible select areas toward the front, near food stands, near restrooms, break areas-- any area that will naturally have more traffic. Also, try to get a corner location. It’s like real estate 101. A corner gives you twice the visibility and usually costs more, but is worth it. You also have a better opportunity for traffic flow through your booth.

A Smash Hit Displays is a well of knowledge when it comes to preparing for that next show. Should you require some guidance in preparation or in purchasing that perfect display(lighted graphic booths, an Xpressions Pop Up) or tradeshow graphics then look no further. For we are your “one stop shop” for the best in trade show booth designs.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Cutting Down Your Trade Show Budget

Cutting budgets. It’s something many of us have come to dread in past years. But in this penny pinching micro managed corporate world its common place.

When a recession or internal volatility occur, a company immediately looks at cutting budgets. Typically, the first to the chopping block is inevitably training, followed closely behind by marketing. Both are viewed as expenditures rather than income generators, so obviously they’re hot contenders for elimination.

As our author states, this is a very myopic way of thinking, especially for companies who desire to be globally competitive. Instead, at times like these when resources are under severe scrutiny, it should be looked upon as a golden opportunity to analyze company strategies.

Our author offers some benefits to success for marketing and how they relate to tradeshows.
Take a few moments and read the attached article to understand each benefit in detail for I’ve only offered one benefit below.

1. Analyze your weakest links
Examine your operation in detail, and you might discover that many of your actions are done out of habit rather than being productive or profitable. Think about some of the shows that you attend and how do they really fit into your marketing strategy. Are you attending them just because you’ve always done so, or because your competition is there? These are often your weak links, the shows that utilize unnecessary time and energy.

Another weak link is often associated with excessive employee spending at shows, such as dining at the finest restaurants and ordering the highest priced items just because the boss is paying. Consider setting up a per diem allowance and make employees accountable for expenses.

A Smash Hit Displays understands exhibiting is a powerful extension of any company’s marketing strategy and its people are the backbone. Eliminating a portion of marketing or training budgets during times of recession is tantamount to profitability suicide. As referenced above, consider looking at other places to make those cuts and focus more on the shows that make the most sense. Should you desire expert advice on display options (tabletop pop up exhibit, table top panel trade show booths, or trade show booth truss) or trade show signage please give us a call. We are here to help make that next show as profitable as possible.

Friday, August 10, 2007

25 Ways to Use the Media Effectively during Tradeshows

If you’ve wanted to know how to utilize media for your trade show then this article is for you. As we all know, the media has the power to influence tradeshow efforts, whether television, radio, or print. Our job is to target our endeavors to create a positive company image and brand awareness of our products and services. How do we do that? Below are just a few of the 25 important points our author has offered to help maximize our tradeshow efforts. If you wish to learn all the key points please read the attached article.
Before the Show
1. Define and select your target audience so that you can tailor your message directly to the needs, concerns, and interests of your prospects.
2. Ask show management for a comprehensive media list, complete with contact name, mailing address, phone number, and email address of all trade, business, and local press and radio and TV stations. Also ask them about their media plan for the show. In addition, learn how to Determine the Target Audience of Your Small Business.
3. Find out which publications are planning a show edition and their deadline for press releases. Realize that many of the trade journals work several months in advance.
4. Build a working relationship with the press. Get to know the editors and writers. Volunteer to be a resource for them. Ask about particular stories they are working on and consider information you may have to help them.
During the Show
5. Keep the press office well-stocked with your press kits. Also keep some press kits in your booth in case the media stop by.
6. Have a media spokesperson in your booth at all times, even over the lunch hour. Be prepared to explain your product and its importance in easy-to-understand, non-technical terms.
7. Keep show management informed of newsworthy information for the show daily and in case reporters call in looking for story ideas.
8. Heighten visibility and create positive publicity through sponsorship opportunities. Various media covering the event may automatically include sponsors names and photos, which can often generate coverage that might otherwise not be available.Again, the points mentioned above are just a sampling. There are another 17 important tips to utilize to make the most of media assistance. Remember that your target audience is composed of information seekers who are always on the lookout for advice, ideas, and information to help them. Your information must appeal to your target audience's self-interest, while at the same time promoting your own. Make sure your media assistance is backed up by a first rate booth. Such a booth can be created via A Smash Hit through the proper display of your brand through the likes of pop up trade show exhibits, truss stands, fabric tension displays and eye catching trade show graphics

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Lead Tracking for Trade Shows

One of the most important things we can impart on a customer is to FOLLOW UP with their leads immediately following their show. Over 79% of all leads are never followed up. That stems mainly from laziness. Don’t add to that statistic. Better yet make the most of your trade show debut by following up with potential customers. For in this ever changing multi faceted society of time poverty we must take or make the time to contact these people. Do the math. Most people aren’t following up which gives you a greater probability to close a deal because the competitive pool is lessened.
Our author offers some pointers on how to maximize that follow up routine.
Try assigning one person the responsibility of managing your company lead system. This will offer continuity in a most important area. They should be responsible for:
· Writing response letters
· Determining a fulfillment package
· Making sure the fulfillment packages are sent out in a timely manner
· Distributing leads among sales reps
· Developing a lead form to collect exactly the information your company needs
· Setting up a timetable/flowchart for following the leads
A Smash Hit Displays offer expert advice on the “follow up” and how it pertains to the trade show industry. Following that advice is the key to maximizing future business via your trade shows. All those willing to make the time to contact potential customers immediately will reap the rewards. To further understand such techniques, reach the attached article in its entirety.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Making it Happen!

If you are currently in this situation or have been in the past and needed a little guidance this article is for you. This article specifically targets those who have an idea about the type of booth wanted and how they want it to look. The question then becomes how to make it happen?

First, check with all booth vendors in your area. It is important in some instances to have local access to a vendor so you can easily go to the showroom to see the products, get ideas, and also be able to easily get support, extra parts, and supplies. Now, you can also use the local vendors for reconnaissance knowing you can purchase the same or comparable booth online for much less.

Many times, trade show reps are also great resources for ideas for designing your booth. Because that’s primarily all the graphics they produce on a daily, weekly, monthly output they are accustomed to knowing what works and what doesn’t with large format graphics. Specifically speaking, they know what works and how to make your booth effective. Be smart and utilize their experience and advice – it should be free! Check references of the vendors with whom you speak. Talk to their customers and see if they are happy with both their booth and the service from the vendor. Finally, if you make time head to a local trade show and ask some of the show vendors about their booths and where it was purchased. You are about to make a potentially large investment, and a little product research is a great idea.

Also, vendors will store your booth in their warehouse or showroom while it's not in use, for a nominal charge. Some will also make sure it's clean and in good shape, and ship it for you when you need it. Make sure you know what they charge for this service.

Our show displays staff can assist you in creating graphics from images you supply, or we can create graphics from scratch. Here, cost is usually the key difference. The more graphic elements you can provide the less you will be charged in the long run. In short, understanding what you can and can’t do when it comes to purchasing that perfect display is most important to making it happen the right way. We can assist you in the afore-mentioned areas. For the best service and trade show graphics to make your display happen look no further!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

When it comes to Graphics "Less is More"

How many times have we stressed the fact that when it comes to your trade show graphics... Less is more!

As our author states, how do you get your exhibit booth to communicate who you are, what you do, and what your product or service is -- all in three seconds? Though the questions sound ominous they really aren't. A great example would be thinking billboards that you pass on the highway. They have the exact same job and most succeed in answering each of those questions within that short period of time. They have to tell you who the company is and what it's selling as you zoom past at 55+ miles per hour. Some work and some don't. The key is usually in the graphics.

To make your booth graphics have impact and work for you rather than against you, remember:
Focus on your product's or service's "benefits" rather than "services."
Use text very sparingly. You want your booth to look more like a billboard than a brochure.
Make sure there is a single focal point. Find the essence of your business and make sure everything revolves around that central idea.
Make sure your name and your positioning statement are very prominent in the design. Remember, if you're a new company, you have to create an impression, and if you're an existing company you have to maintain and build on that impression.

A Smash Hit urges our customers frequently to keep tradeshow booth graphics simple and that simplicity will garner success. For as the attached article states, less is more in the realm of trade show graphics. Though the trade show booth: popup display, truss wall, fabric structures, or lighted trade show exhibits is important because it gives you the blank canvas on which to attach your graphics, graphics tell your story and if done correctly in a way your potential customer understands in just a few seconds. Urgency necessitates speed at trade shows. Those with the message best promoted will acrue the greatest return on investment.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Following Up after Follow Up

We constantly stress to our customers when it comes to post show instructions, follow up with potential customers immediately. The more time you waste the less likely you are to land new business. This is particularly important when your sales people are charged with such tasks. For, many sales reps DO NOT follow up with leads from trade shows. The reasons they give range from the information not being complete, or they just don't have the time because they're following up on leads they feel have more potential.

Follow up should be first and foremost in your mind once your show has concluded. Though the shows can be both physically and mentally taxing, there should be no charging of batteries. That can always be done after all the follow ups have been made or attempted. Because as was stated earlier, the longer you wait the less likely you are to land new business and the more likely your trade show investment became money down the proverbial drain.

As previously emphasized, we try and urge customers to follow up after each show. Both pre and post show analysis is important if you are to make the most out of your trade show experience. Beyond the pre and post show follow up, make sure your product is high quality and cost effective. Whether you go the route of a popup display, tradeshow banner stands, truss designs, or fabric tension structures, insure you have all the information necessary to make a qualified decision pertaining to that next trade show.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Filling the Fulfillment Package

What are fulfillment packages? In a sentence, they are your follow up after the trade show. How do you decide what to put in your fulfillment packages? As our author states, it's never as easy as it sounds. You don't want to simply send the same things your potential customers picked up at the show nor do you want to overload them with potentially expensive literature that they will just throw in the trash.

For these reasons, a well done but economical overview piece for your company seems more applicable. It can be used for pre or post show mailings, as well as an informational piece for your "general" response packages.

A Smash Hit Displays understands the importance of fulfillment packages. The customer who is best prepared for reaching potential customers after the show will be able to handle new customers. That general prepared nature comes with pre show and post show homework concerning the marketing of a company and display specifics. Those specifics could include the likes of show displays, table top pop up displays, custom backlit displays, and even custom logo flooring.