Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Do Trade Show Giveaways and Free Gifts Work?

The answer to that all important question is ... "Yes"! Well thought out giveaways do in fact work. Irrelevant and unrelated unimaginative freebies on the other hand do not. Don't cater to giveaway grabbers who will dart into your booth, grab a freebie and dart back to the aisle without so much as making eye contact with your staff.

Try to direct those giveaways toward potential customers, those who express interest in your services or goods. You can even make a game out of the giveaway transaction by having visitors answer basic questions pertaining to your industry or company itself. Be creative and that potential customer will appreciate the forethought.

For effective giveaways provoke questions and give visitors a reason to pause long enough to learn something about your company. Our author also offers the idea to develop a theme for your booth and integrate the giveaway into that theme. You don't have to spend a lot of money to devise a great giveaway and create a branding influence for your company.

For the best in exhibit trade shows look no further than Smash Hit Displays. For we try to be creative when marketing or branding customers at their upcoming trade shows. Giveaways are one great way of promoting such wares at those shows. Another is having eye catching tradeshow booth graphics in order to catapult you over your competition. It doesn't take a huge investment to position yourself to succeed at your next show just a little preparation and professional assistance. We offer many products lines whether pop up exhibit, truss stands, fabric tension structures and the understanding of what is needed for a successful campaign.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Designing and Caring for your booth

The following article is pretty good. It explains the different items and questions to be answered before considering your booth purchase and design.

Such items include the size and type of booth meaning pop up display boards, truss designs, backlit graphic displays, fabric tension displays or a tabletop pop up booth? Within each style lies a huge variety of booth configurations. Further options could place you with a large custom booth which would require multiple booth spaces and an assembling crew or a smaller, 10' version that can be easily shipped, assembled, and disassembled by your booth staffers. Often, the smaller, modular versions can be broken down and used as two tabletops as well.

I took the liberty of adding a few items from our author's list explaining what should be taken into consideration when deciding on your display area. For those willing to look at the remaining list, please click on the attached link. Those items to consider are:
What are your functional needs for the booth?
Do you need seating so you can sit and discuss at length with prospects the great benefits of your services or products? If your product or service is more complicated or technical, this functionality might work well for you.
Do you need shelving for books or product displays, video capability, or storage?
Do you need the booth to be easily assembled, disassembled and packed?
Do you need to be able to reconfigure it for different shows or other uses?
What kind of traffic flow do you need through your booth?
What are your aesthetic needs?
Do you need a display with movement to illustrate your product?
Do you require tradeshow signage?

A Smash Hit Displays will help you understand all the finer points needed to build your display booth. There are many questions that arise when building or purchasing that first display. Once you've answered those questions with our assistance, you should have a better idea of the type of booth you need, how the booth will look, and how it will fit your budget.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Basic Training

According to our author, trade show selling consists of four phases:


The burden of attracting people to your booth can be daunting assuming you haven’t invested in a third party. The typical rule of engagement is: Don't ask a question that will allow the attendee to simply give you a one word answer and keep on walking. Ask what product or service they need or want; whether the show has been as helpful for them as previous shows; familiarity with your company, etc. Be creative -- this is a critical step, and the goal is to stop them and carry on a conversation.


Do not waste your time on those who aren't really interested in your product. It pays to qualify potential customers right off the bat. There's nothing worse than seeing six good prospects walk by while you're politely listening to someone who you suspect doesn't even need your product.


It’s time to tap dance and dazzle prospects with your product’s many benefits as opposed to the other guys'. Try to make sure your presentation is five minutes or less and memorable.


The most important and usually hardest of all the phases is successfully closing a customer. Ask them how they would prefer your follow up. That puts the honus on them by forcing them into a calculated response. The more specific you can be, the more likely they will remember you during the follow up.

A Smash Hit Displays understands and appreciates the inherent hurdles which must be cleared in order to generate the desired response from each trade show. Empowering a company with such capabilities means outfitting them with the proper displays i.e. (tradeshow pop up, tradeshow banner stand) and trade show graphics. Those items will assuredly assist and allow them to focus on the preparation for the sales staff to engage, quantify, present and close potential customers.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Buying vs Renting Your Next Trade Show Exhibit

Renting versus buying. For some companies it might be wise to rent for the first show. Renting a trade show display would allow them to critique the booth and its wares. Further, renting means you don’t have to store the display or transport. You simply pay a rental fee and the display arrives for that designated number of days and then simply ship it back to the distributor of choice.

Further, as is the case with our company, we honor rental fees toward the purchase of a new display knowing it is just good business. Customers feel better knowing their investment for the rental will be taken off a new display price tag and genuinely endear themselves to us. It’s a reciprocal relationship and whatever we can do to ease the nerves of someone making a large investment in their businesses future will be attempted.

Buying a display is the alternative to renting. You should really do your homework beforehand figuring out which display best fits your immediate and long term needs. Maybe there is a specific model available which can adapt and be altered to become larger or more expansive. Truss wall, lighted graphic booth, fabric tension structures, or custom exhibit booths all fit in such categories.

When it comes to renting or buying its inevitably what makes the best sense at that time. But should you require either, A Smash Hit Displays will no doubt be able to assist in finding that special display just for you as well as create or print graphics to compliment and enhance your company’s brand image.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Trade Show Basic Training

Most will agree trade show displays are the fastest and most effective means by which to focus your customer’s attention on your product. But, to yield positive results out of your investment you need to attract viable customers, and this requires eye-catching displays with knock out trade show graphics.
For some a new display might be a rather large investment. In order to offset that investment you could rent a display. Most common rentals are pop up displays. These are lightweight, easy to transport and take little time to set up and tear down.
That avenue can be cost effective and actually allow you to find out if the display rented is the one you really want. If in fact you do like and want that display you can simply apply the rental price to the actual purchase price. For a better understanding of our rental options, please call A Smash Hit Displays. We will make sure you are outfitted with the best possible display for your needs.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Types of Trade Show Lighting

There are a few different options available when it comes to lighting your trade show booth. Our booth displays offer lighting within packages or as accessories with the following: banner stand exhibits, pop up exhibits, panel trade show display, truss booths and our fabric structures.

For those who have attended shows previously, you know the difference between a well lit and poorly lit booth. You don't want to be the booth that has little or no lighting. When you ignore lighting you take away valuable attention which could be paid to your booth or more importantly your graphics. An exhibit that is lit well stands out in a crowd.

The two most common versions available are Las Vegas Trade Show Lights and what our author calls Full Impact Lights.

When purchasing your trade show lights, you need to be sure that you check with the convention or conference center where you will be exhibiting to ensure that the type of light you are purchasing is allowed. The Las Vegas Convention and Conference Center and Chicago Convention Center don't allow many common trade show lights because of the fire hazard that these lights create. In an effort to protect their massive facility from careless exhibitors, many types of lights that get hot quickly have been disallowed. Your only alternative is the Las Vegas Light often smaller wattage- 50- 75 watts.

Full Impact Displays
No matter how much money and time you are willing to devote to creating the perfect trade show display, your exhibit will not reach its full potential without the use of trade show lighting. Full impact displays require well placed lights that are designed to highlight specific areas of the booth. With an action as simple as turning on a light switch, you could make your company logo visible from across the convention floor.

When you are in need of lighting or have questions pertaining to your upcoming shows please call your local neighborhood trade show experts- "SMASH HIT DISPLAYS"

Monday, July 16, 2007

Trade Show Success Happens When You Plan Ahead

The title to the attached article says it all. Preparation is key to a successful trade show display. In order to learn our aurthor's 10 easy steps to a successful trade show display, please read the attached link.

Just remember as with our trade show signage, pop up exhibits, truss stands, or tension fabric displays to keep it simple. For simplicity combined with proper pre-show preparation will take your display to the next level and have you ready for your next show.

For the best advice in portable booths applied to your proper presentation added with simplicity look no further than your local trade show display experts.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Generating Sales from Trade Shows

The quintessential article for generating sales from trade shows. Generating qualified leads and converting them into purchasers is the goal of each trade show exhibitor.

When it comes to the success of a trade show, selling or advertising your booth is a proactive idea. By selling, I mean advertising your company brand by sending current customers and prospectives a note or an email with your booth number, inviting them to stop by and pick up a small gift, participate in a giveaway, or take advantage of special show prices. Should they accept and want to buy from you at the show, it's a good idea to have a separate location (or at least a quiet spot in the back of the booth) where you can close the sale.

Trade show or group selling is slightly different than other sales methods, but it's not complicated. Sales fundamentals still apply: contact as many visitors as possible. The more attendees you encounter, the more potential qualified leads. Develop a short list of questions to quickly separate the serious from the browser. Focus on the buyers. Prepare a 30-second rundown of the benefits of using your products. Get contact information and then move on to the next prospect. Buyers are busy, too, and they'll appreciate your cordial efficiency.

Because trade shows pack a flurry of opportunity in a few days, you have less time to invest with each prospect. That means show pressure can be intense and the hours long. Be sure you're aptly staffed and rotate the group to keep them fresh. Upbeat staffers with stamina make good salespeople.

Should you be in the market for a new portable display booth, try looking at our impressive inventory options. Whether you need a portable banner stand, tabletop pop up exhibit, orbital truss display, or a fabric trade show booth, we can outfit your booth space to accent your business brand and make you stand head and shoulders above your competition. But, make sure you target potential and current customers well before the show to generate anticipation and increase your selling opportunities. Be proactive and you will reap the rewards desired.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Trade Show Magicians can Fill Your Booth!

At a trade show you not only have to compete against your competition’s sales reps but also you have to compete against all the ‘attention-grabbing’ strategies they use. So, louder doesn’t always mean more traffic. One thing that really draws a crowd IS a crowd. How do you draw a crowd other than utilizing the typical trade show equipment?

Just say the words "Abracadabra"...

That's the impetus behind this article. If you want to build a small crowd that grows larger, consider how magic works on people. It is irresistible! For a good trade show magician understands his role in your booth area and works to build an interested, feel-good crowd.

If you try this idea know just producing magic for an audience is not enough. You'll need a plan!
There are really two things you have to do to make this not just a good strategy but a great one.

1) You have to find a way to engage people during or after the magic to find who they are. Look at your booth layout, train your staff and create some sign up tools.
But in some way you have to take advantage of the fact a large crowd has stopped at your booth.

2) You must ensure your key marketing message is incorporated into the act. Trade show magic is not about entertaining people. People in good moods are easier to approach and converse.
But this is a chance to add that EXTRA piece of having a larger group hear your key marketing message. So take this chance to get your message to your audience. A special offer at the end would do the trick.

Spend the time BEFORE the show during your planning sessions to use trade show magic to go to the next level.

A Smash Hit Displays doesn't use magic when promoting our trade show products which include pop up display stands, truss designs, fabric trade show booths, custom backlit displays, and high impact tradeshow booth graphics. But, we do love the idea of utilizing magic when it comes to building an interested anxious crowd around your display area. For that's all a trade show booth and proper graphics are supposed to ellicit. Magic when performed with your plan in mind will augment your display to simply attract more potential customers than your competitors.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Top Five Trade Show Exhibits

Well this one speaks for itself. Our aurthor believes the following display types are the top five trade show exhibits or as I like to say most used.

When it comes to portable trade show booths the most common type on the market today is the pop-up, expandable-frame style. What most people don't realize is its inception was almost 16 years ago.

The first models had flexible fiberglass frames with aluminum channels bars and rollable fabric that was attached to the framework via magnets. Over the years the basic design has not been altered but the materials, sizes, and weights have made the trade show pop up exhibit less expensive and easier to transport than ever before.

Today’s frames can expand to larger sizes allowing 10' wide exhibits to be transported in a small durable trade show cases. Most of the standard10' models weigh less than 90 pounds in their case which often includes the fabric panels, lights, and channel bars. Pop-ups come in a variety of sizes with a number of different options to give consumers greater flexibility when planning for their trade show booths. Within the industry there are 5 common types:

- Standard pop up exhibits
- photo mural tradeshow graphics displays
- Fabric pop up exhibits
- table top pop up display
- 20 pop up display

For the greatest selection of pop ups at the lowest prices on the planet please view our portable booths options. Further, to compliment your display purchase you have the best artistic designers to add that graphic flare to make your display stand out from the crowd. For trade show graphics can create a stunning almost mesmerizing backdrop which will attract potential customers to your display area. And in the end that's all your pop up and graphics are charged to elicit... results!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The Definition of Trade Show

Definition: An exhibition for companies in a specific industry to showcase and demonstrate their new products and services. Generally trade shows are not open to the public and can only be attended by company representatives and members of the press. Also, an exhibition of businesses offering franchises and/or business opportunity packages for sale.

Why you ask are we boring you with the Encyclopedia Britanica definition of a trade show? Because sometimes you must go back to the basics in order to define your goals. Going back to the basics allows for a mental reboot so-to-speak. By understanding the basic definition you should gain a better understanding of what is required for the next show to be a raving success.

A Smash Hit Displays try to go back to the basics when we deal with new customers. Why? Because keeping it simple is the key to any successful advertising or branding campaign. Basic understanding of your product/service combined with that same understanding of the show requirements will position your company to succeed where your competition might come up a bit short. Our basic trade show display systems include: pop up display, panel trade show booth, truss stands, backlit graphic exhibits. Where we try and stretch the imagination when it comes to tradeshow booth graphics. That’s where simple and basic is key but with a certain flair in order to set yourself apart from the pack. Try our products and services and you’ll never venture any further.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Green Acres

There was a long running sitcom back in the early 80's and for those who can remember the verse line sang, "Green acres is the place for me, farm living is the life for me..."

That line couldn't have been any more poignant than while I was perusing the attached article. For no matter what propaganda you might read or see, "green" products or services are here to stay and are growing in popularity every day. Just take for example the PA Green Expo which takes place in Harrisburg, PA. The show's facility just underwent an 82 million dollar expansion. When money of that magnitude is invested in such a fashion it proves that "green" is here to stay and it crosses all business realms. So, take notice and understand what you need to do to prepare to climb on board a train that's quickly gaining momentum.

Out trade show booth design company operates in a small capacity as a "green" friendly business. We take care to understand those customers who are or who wish to represent that mantra at their respective shows. Whether pop up trade show exhibits, truss wall, fabric structures or banner stands, we can take a customer's brand and represent their wares in the form of top notch trade show signage.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Design Tips for Vinyl Banners

For those of you out there interested in large scale vinyl banner design, then the attached article is perfect. It details what one should or should not do when constructing large scale graphics. Generally speaking, a vinyl banner is easy to design. Anybody with a little bit of graphic design experience can design a banner. And even if you have no experience, your supplier can point you in the right direction, or even design your banner for a small charge.
A Smash Hit Displays prefer receiving banner graphics via photoshop or illustrator. Also, these two are the most popular hence most common.

Understand the necessary requirements needed to have your graphics appeal to that target market. When it comes to vinyl banner graphics or any large format scale pieces the "less is more" mantra is muy importante. Potential and existing customers don't want to read a bunch of text of sift through a myriad of numbers on your graphics. They want to be wowed by a mission statement, catch phrase, tag line with vivid colors and your logo. Keeping it simple is often times the toughest part of the graphic process.

Remember we offer full scale graphic assistance in addition to our wide array of banner stands, pop up displays, panel systems, truss systems. Should you need some handholding when it comes to the graphic process we are capable of that as well. There is no job too small we can't perfect. When it comes down to it, your graphics should speak about who you are, what you do, and the benefits you offer those who are intested.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Exhibit Booths

Attracting new customers and business partners is the sole purpose of any exhibit booth. Those launching new products or services should always prepare wisely when creating their exhibit space in order to put their best foot forward to generate wider interest from both existing and new customers. By constructing eye-catching booths, exhibitors ensure they are highly visible, distinguished from their competitors, and their brand is easily recognized.

Booths can be classified into several types: tabletop banner stands, popup display, panel trade show display. All these are basic booths which can be cost effective and make a bold statement and separate your business from the rest of the pack.

To design a booth, exhibitors usually use the services of their in-house creative resources or seek the services of specialized professional exhibit booth service providers. The booth services offered by professional providers include a gamut of items, including lighting and display options. They have a solution for every need - from exhibitors seeking basic booths to the ones looking for contemporary high-tech booths.

Our tradeshow company offers many different booth options not mentioned above including: trade show extreme truss, xpressions exhibit, custom backlit exhibit, plus modular trade show exhibit, digital printed carpet, and trade show lighting. In addition to the displays, we also offer great trade show signage with one-of-a-kind ideas meant to transform your goods/services into eye catching branding areas.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Youth zeal paying off for ad firm

H6 is a top flight ad agency which arose from a simple banner graphic company. Through humble beginnings came a graphic house that speaks in the language of signs- banners, acrylic light boxes, and three-dimensional designs.

Why talk about such a business in this day’s edition? Because it goes to show you perseverance and persistence go a long way when it comes to creating your own future. Following your dream takes time and much hard work but like anything else you have to put in the time in order to reap said rewards.

Our exhibit display invests time in many ways for its customers whether its coming up with just the right tradeshow popup or a custom fabric tension display fit for their show needs or that perfect tradeshow signage which speaks volumes about their business to prospective and current customers. That said, it’s the preparation that makes all that possible. Preparation like H6 when they decided to go to the next level. When you're ready to go to the next level for your trade show preparation give us a call!