Monday, December 31, 2007

The New Trade Show Season

Happy New Year!

Another year has passed and new Trade Show season is getting ready to hit us full throttle. As I have mentioned in recent blogs it very important to give lead time when ordering trade show exhibits during the busy season. Although many of the classic displays are still for sale, 2008 will bring an entire line of new products for Smash Hit Displays.

Our newest products include the Alumalite and NLine Displays Systems. We also offer a wide variety of trade show flooring and we are getting ready add more. We will soon offer an eco friendly section of our web page in order to give customers environmentally friendly options. We are also going to begin specializing in custom displays that can be made in any arrangement possible.

The New Year will be very exciting in the trade show industry and should be very productive for all people in the Trade Show Industry. Stay current with trade show news and products by visiting this blog and!

Friday, December 28, 2007

Preparing for a Successful Show

After reading an article on, I realized how many customers forget about the most important aspect of their trade show, the message of the company. When it gets busy and people are in a rush to pick out a trade show display they loose site of the goal of the trade show. It is important when selecting trade show exhibits to keep in mind what the company intends to accomplish at the show.

The first step is to look at the companies marketing strategy and the intended market segment. If the company is marketing to the baby-boomer crowd then it might be a waste of company resources to incorporate laptops and high-tech electronics into the display if it does not benefit the customer. However if the company is a high-tech graphic design firm then it might be helpful to select a display with the appropriate design for laptops and electronics.

The article below is a very simple 10 step checklist to prepare for a successful trade show. At Smash Hit Displays we stay current on all trade news in order to give our customers the most accurate and helpful information possible to be successful in the trade show industry.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Trade Show Promotions

In a recent article by Mark Yokoyama it mentions how to promote a company brand at trade shows. The article makes reference to “green” companies who want to create a wholesome image but the concept can apply to anyone who has a trade show display.
Green companies can create promotions such as handing out solar powered devices or packets of seeds with company logos on them. This concept can apply to any company for any product. It is always important to make sure the promotional campaign that is being used will benefit the company and the message of the product.

Today more and more companies are steering away from the typical paper handouts to more exciting and innovative marketing. Hand outs such as puzzles, pens, and flashlights are few ideas that marketers have used in order to get people to use a promotional tool with the companies name on it. Another useful tool at shows is to use graphic design on the display. The design team at Smash Hit Displays uses simple, eye-catching designs to grab the client’s attention, but not overloading them with information.

Always keep the display simple and choose unique ways to capture a customers attention. The trade show industry is very competitive and it’s important to stand out in the crowd. Please visit our site and check out our new Alumalite and NLine display systems. Also view our Truss Systems which are a show stopper.

Smash Hit Displays, LLC

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Trade Shows Go Green?

Recently “Going Green” has seemed to be the newest fad, but as time passes it is becoming a lifestyle for many Americans, at Smash Hit Displays we are committed to helping the environment whenever possible. We are striving to be part of the solution which is why we are adding an eco-friendly section on our web site. This will include all products that are made from recycled or recyclable materials.

In a recent article I read the EPA listed the tradeshow industry the second most wasteful industry in the United States, second only to the construction industry. This is an alarming fact and it is apparent a change needs to be made. By offering an eco-friendly section we are hoping to address a problem and put steps in motion to start solving it.

The Green section is still in the works but in the meantime one our manufacturers have switched their fabric material to 60% recycled fibers. The products include Entasi and Allure. Please continue to visit out site and check for all of our new products but more importantly the eco-friendly page. The newest additions to our site are the Alumalite and NLine Displays. Thank You for choosing Smash Hit Displays!