Friday, May 30, 2008

Green Page is Ready to Go!

Smash Hit Displays has launched our Go Green Trade Show Display Products! We are trying to do our part in helping the wasteful trade show industry become more environmentally friendly. There are many ways our green products help the environment. Some products offer recycled graphic print materials, while others are made from renewable, sustainable products.

One environmentally friendly attribute that is often overlooked is overall quality. Buying a quality product, where it is considered “eco-friendly” or not, is the best way to help the environment. At Smash Hit Displays you get both! Environmentally friendly trade show display products that outlast and outperform the competition!

Not only do we sell eco-friendly products we also practice sustainability in our operations. Smash Hit Displays is located in Washington State and powered by Puget Sound Energy which uses over 80% renewable hydro-electric power. Our internet hosting site,, is powered 100% by solar energy. We turn off our lights when we don’t need them and all of our computer equipment is energy star qualified!

Please visit our Go Green Page as often as possible to view our expanding line of sustainable trade show display products!

Matt Nixon

Smash Hit Displays, LLC

Thursday, May 29, 2008

New Products

The trade show industry has been expanding rapidly over the past 10 years, and most exhibitors are using trade show displays in order to capture their customer’s eye. It is very important to realize that it takes new and innovative trade show display products to capture the customer’s attention.

Smash Hit Displays is now offers the Alumalite 10 foot display. The display takes up the same space as a typical Pop up Display but has a unique style that stands out among other displays. The Alumalite is very affordable for the type of trade show display it is and Smash Hit Displays offers the lowest price in the industry.

Make sure to keep you trade show booth looking sharp with new and innovative displays. Your customers will appreciate the exciting trade show experience and will remember you booth above all others.

Matt Nixon

Smash Hit Displays, LLC

Friday, May 23, 2008

Trade show attendance down!

In a recent article in Trade Show Week, stats have shown a decrease in trade show attendance and increase in exhibitors. This means fewer customers per exhibitor. With increased competition it is very important to make your display stand out. At Smash Hit Displays we provide trade show display consulting services to our customers to insure they receive the best display for their money. Along with our graphic design guidelines we can make a display that stands out among all others!

Our newer products such as the Alumalite and N-Line Series Displays are different than typical trade show displays. They are more innovative and stand out amount other trade show booths. Truss systems are also a good way to stand out in the crowd.

Always keep in mind that the trade show industry is continuously changing and exhibitors are updating their displays regularly so always stay on top of the competition with the newest displays from Smash Hit Displays!

Matt Nixon

Smash Hit Displays, LLC

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

How to catch their eye with graphic design!

Trade show exhibits with graphic prints are by far the best way to get a clients attention at a trade show. We provide many tips at Smash Hit Displays to ensure our customers receive a graphic with the best quality and content around.

The first tip is to keep your colors on the neutral side, and stick to company colors. This will create a display that is pleasing to the customer and it will create a positive feeling at your booth. The second tip is to keep your most import images, text, etc. at eye level. You only have 1-3 seconds to capture someone’s attention so keep the best content where people can see it! The last tip is to keep it simple. Going overboard with graphic images and design is usually distracting to buyers and can be an ineffective use of funds. Keep your graphics simple and you will have more people stopping at your booth.

Please visit Smash Hit Displays and view our graphic design page as well as our Hop Up displays for the most cost efficient trade show booth with graphics.

Matt Nixon

Smash Hit Displays, LLC

Friday, May 16, 2008

Get ready for a new web page!

Here at Smash Hit Displays, we pride ourselves in provides great customer service. We will soon be revamping our web page with more informative descriptions, new products, and a wide range of green trade show display products! We will now offer a full line of custom trade show displays as well as premium graphic design service.

The trade show display industry has been expanding rapidly the last few years and we know it can be hard for new customers to find the perfect display for their show. Our customer service department is very experienced and can guide anyone through our site to find the best trade show booth for your company.

Always keep us in mind when deciding on your next trade show displays product. Please call us if you ever have any questions so we can guide you through a successful trade show display choice!

Matt Nixon

Smash Hit Displays, LLC

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Best Value for Trade Shows

The current economic condition is causing confusion among many people around the world. Some fear recession and other think it is a hick-up that will soon pass. Regardless of the future of the US economy one thing is certain as of today, people want the most value for their money. Consumers and business want the most productivity for their dollar now more than ever. Smash Hit Displays offers the best value for their customers. We only offer quality American made products. We are the highest value retailer on the internet. While some competitors offer cheaper displays, they are not as valuable. A typical pop up display that Smash Hit Displays offers will last the customer a minimum of five solids years of heavy trade show display use. Imitation displays offered by some competitors are imported and are useful for about one or two trade shows.

Smash Hit Displays strives for customer satisfaction and value. We only sell displays that we would use or have used ourselves. There is no question that when a customer buys from Smash Hit Displays they will receive the best product and service for their money.