Thursday, July 30, 2009

Is the Recesion Almost Over?

Today the stock market jumped again bringing the DJIA to over 9200. Many economists are calling this market rally a sign that the recession will soon be over. There are also economists stating that the market will fall again, even lower than the 6500 low we hit a few months ago. What does this mean for a company struggling to increase revenues and market share?

It means you can't listen to anything the "experts" say. Every industry is dramatically different and an overall assessment of the economy can not determine the potential for growth in an industry. Look at the crippled auto industry. Ford is pushing through this rough time and has yet to accept federal stimulus dollars, while GM and Chrysler are on the brink of disaster. This is a great example of how effective management and cost cutting can improve your companies bottom line. Cost controls, effective marketing, and valuable employees are the key to maintaining a profitable business.

Investing in trade show displays for your next trade show could give your company the boost it needs to get out of a slump or move up to the next level. Smash Hit Displays specializes in helping companies realize their exhibiting potential with out spending every last dollar. Our pop up displays have been very popular lately due to the great value they provide to our customers.

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Thursday, July 16, 2009

How to take advantage of big government spending

In the last six months the United States has been flooded with government infused money. This includes everything from individual stimulus checks to state assistance from the federal government. This has many people worried about a rising national debt, hyper-inflation, and lower value of the dollar. Many companies are worried about what the future may hold and have begun risk management planning and cost cutting procedures.

Every company should consider its place in the market and plan strategically to take advantage of every aspect of their business during this rough economic time. The government infusion is causing many agencies to continue there spending which gives an opportunity to attain government contracts. It is also important to rethink your marketing plan and consider what campaigns provide the most value to your firm.

It has been proven over the years that trade show exhibiting is a very profitable marketing tool that gives you opportunities for large growth very quickly. Smash Hit Displays offer many different types of trade show displays that can fit any budget or design requirements. If you ever have any questions about trade shows feel free to call us and discuss your companies options for your next show!

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Thursday, July 09, 2009

Attendance Up Despite Rough Economy

In an article today in Trade Show Week ( there is a prime example of what I have been referencing in my past blog posts. In its second year of existence, the Electronic Security Expo saw a close to 30% increase in attendees at the most recent show. This is due to the growing security industry and the demand for new technology. This is another industry that is thriving despite the overall slump in the economy.

The convention received a close to 70% re-booking rate from exhibitors showing their satisfaction with the results of the show. This article should be a key insite to the importance of finding your niche during this rough economic time. Exhibiting at a convention with good results for your industry and using effective trade show graphics is almost a guaranteed high return on investment. With many companies cutting costs and scaling back their marketing budget, it is a great opportunity for small businesses to reach out and grab a large portion of the market share that was hard to obtain in previous years.

Rember to always do you research before attending shows because a show that is not specific in your industry can end up with poor results. It's in your best interest to talk to a reputable dipslay dealer and others in the industry who know about different shows and will help you decide the correct convention to attend.

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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Trade Show Displays & Exhibits Improve Your Brand & Image

A long time ago, companies and business people would simply show up to trade shows with products for preview and their sales pitch in mind. Now, trade show exhibits are becoming a major part of these events and are just as important as the service or product that you have to offer. Consumers expect a professional atmosphere and an impressive showing of what you have to offer. How you plan for your next show can make the difference between faltering, and being hugely successful.

These days, there is a variety of companies that appear to trade shows; some make a major statement, and others simply show up with a table and a pitch. You need to ensure that you set your company apart by making a statement and providing an appealing marketing strategy at the event. You will see elaborate custom trade show exhibits to panels, pop-ups and environmentally friendly exhibits, you can showcase your company's services or products in grand style. Modular, backlit - there is such a huge array to choose from, you will have a tough time deciding what best suits the needs and budget of your company.

Also important to the success of your trade show displays are the design and details. When you represent your organization at these events, you absolutely want to be certain that your unique brand makes a statement and is easily recognized. Why attend if potential new clients or customers just walk on by, without a second glance? First impressions are often the last. You must catch the eyes of visitors, and create a memorable impression.

Ease of portability is also important, especially if you attend numerous trade shows. Long gone are the days of exhibits and booths that are a big hassle to put up, take down and transport. Also, many companies are creating trade show exhibits in accordance with companies desires for more environmentally friendly displays. If your company is eco-friendly, there are numerous options that will also help display to visitors that you are concerned about the earth.

Your trade show displays, booths and exhibits should blend perfectly with your brand. Often, dynamic designs and brightly colored details are a good choice, as they attract the eye of the visitors. You want to easily demonstrate your message and unique brand through every touch point of your company. Think of huge corporations that everyone world over easily recognize such as Coke or Nike - this should be your goal, to have everyone recognize your special brand at first glance.

If the results you get when attending events is not stellar, you need a change. To effectively attract new clients and grab the attention of every visitor who attends, maybe you should consider the trade show displays you use. It can make an astounding difference in the success of your next show!

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

What is certain in an uncertain time?

Once again, today another company filed for bankruptcy. Lear Corporation is an auto parts supplier and has been struggling throughout the recession. Once again, another sign of the tough times many businesses are facing during uncertain times.

Although the market is unstable and volatile, there are many opportunities for entrepreneurs and small business to bite off a piece of the market share that was once held by the large corporations that are falling. Many local banks and investment agencies are thriving due to lack of trust in the big banks. Collections agencies are the busiest they have ever been due to the amount of companies with old receivables. Any business owner should be looking at the potential during this economic time rather than focusing purely on cutting costs and mitigating the damage. If you company is currently doing poorly then it might be time to focus on a different target market. With the recent government infusion of capital there are many agencies and organizations looking for different products and services, especially energy companies.

This is key when developing your marketing plan for a trade show. Determine the target market you are trying reach and develop a marketing plan effectively capture their attention. Effective marketing at trade shows will always provide a very high return on investment and is still the best way to get you companies name notice in the market place. Trade show displays can be used a medium for communicating your message effectively to your target market. Weigh the cost/benefit of different displays to determine what will give you the highest return on investment, and work with a reputable design company that can develop a graphic that will work effectively at the show.

What is certain in this uncertain time is the potential for intelligent business people to capture a large part of the market while the large companies are struggling. Using an effective marketing plan and being financially conservative will result in a strong, stable business during a very rough recession.

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