Friday, January 29, 2010

Creating an Effective Display on a Budget

Trade show exhibiting can be a very expensive process, but is also one of the best ways to acquire contacts and leads. First time exhibitors usually have a very hard time investing in a trade show because of the high initial cost and uncertain ROI. What many first time exhibitors don't know is that there are many affordable display options that are attractive and durable. The two newest additions that are great for first time exhibitors are the waveline display stand and the onefabric pop up display. Both display options include full graphic prints and are VERY affordable. There are also many good articles available on the web to assist first time exhibitors. This article on following up at trade shows is very helpful for first time exhibitors who are looking to generate a high return on investment at their first show.

Trade shows are an investment and require research and effort to make them successful. Working with a knowledgeable company and talking to other exhibitors will help any first time exhibitor in creating an effective trade show exhibit.