Thursday, January 10, 2008

Here comes the busy season!

The Trade Show season is hitting full force in the month of January. The new trends for 2008 are the show stopping Truss Systems as well as unique Custom Displays. The design team at Smash Hit Displays can design just about any display a person can imagine. We have multiple manufacturers that create custom designs for customers. The benefit in Truss Systems and Custom Displays is the uniqueness of the display. The standard trade show exhibitor uses a Pop-Up Display or a Panel System Display which make Truss Systems and Custom Displays a show stopper.

During the busy season it is important to remember to make your booth stand out. This could require some lead time so be sure to give yourself plenty of time when ordering a Trade Show Exhibit. Never hesitate to call us at Smash Hit Displays when ordering a Trade Show Display!

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

The Housing Market and Trade Shows

Happy New Year! The trade show season in 2007 was great and the new 2008 season looks good but some aspects of the economy could cause problems for sellers. For the past 6 months the housing market has been up and down because of defaulting sub prime mortgages and risky MBS investments. Although the economy is holding steady the phychological implications are still making buyers nervous. Now what on earth does this have to do with trade show displays?

This has a lot to do with the buyers that visit the trade shows. It is important to understand the current state of the economy and big business in order to adapt a sales pitch to the appropriate crowd. Small businesses are usually the ones most worried when the economy is uncertain, big business can usually absorb bumps in the economy. If the main target for your trade show is small business owners, then it could be a good idea to offers information that convinces the buyer their money is being well spent. Recent customer feedback and potential return on investment numbers are good things to inform the buyer about.

Although the economy as a whole is uncertain right now, it is quite simple to retain current customers and capture new ones if you have a great trade show display and the right attitude to accommodate the buyer’s state of mind. Check out our new Alumalite, NLine, and Entasi Displays. Also view our Truss Systems which are gaining more and more popularity. Thank you for choosing Smash Hit Displays!