Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Why use a Trade Show Coach?

Why use a trade show coach?

Well, conventional wisdom would dictate that if one wishes to make the most out of their trade show experience they'll use the expertise offered by trade show pros. For the pros consult presenters on the inherent pitfalls of each show and how to avoid them, as well as, take advantage of the positives associated with each show.

One person in particular always comes to mind when speaking of coaches...

Susan Friedmann, a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), says, "One-on-One coaching is simply the fastest road to success with your exhibiting efforts". She works with organizations who want to boost their exhibiting results by attracting new business at tradeshows. By designing and implementing strategies for show organizers and exhibitors who want to retain and grow their customer base, she has made a name for herself in this industry.
She also works one-on-one with exhibit managers and conducts national and international presentations and workshops.

Originally from London, England, Susan has been a successful speaker, consultant and author for over 20 years. As an innovative, insightful and high-content speaker together with her extensive tradeshow experience and background, she is a popular expert choice presenter and trainer for corporations, associations and convention organizers worldwide.
A prolific author, Susan has written and published ten books, several of which have been translated into numerous languages. ? Most recently, she compiled and published the latest books on exhibiting, the three volume, Secrets of Successful Exhibiting series, with over 30,000 copies in print. Her latest book "Meeting & Event Planning for Dummies," was published in July, 2003.

Susan is a National Board Director of the National Speakers Association, and a Certified Speaking Professional. A CSP is a dedicated professional with a proven track record of continued speaking excellence. It's the highest earned designation from NSA with less than eight percent of the total membership having achieved it.

Among her numerous teachings, Susan gives the presentor 7 powerful assistance tools:

1. Creating the right first impression so visitors want to spend time at your booth.
2. Developing relevant qualifying questions to uncover prospects' real needs.
3. Demonstrating your company's capability to show and tell.
4. Anticipating visitors' questions.
5. Obtaining commitment and establishing a follow-up plan of action.
6. Handling competitors and tire-kickers so they don't waste precious selling time.
7. Appreciating the importance of non-verbal communication; recognizing the do's and don'ts and listening habits that upset visitors.

It sounds simple; that's precisely the way Susan conveys her methods. She helps make the experience worthwhile from an economic standpoint and easy to understand. And that my friends should be the ultimate goal of any trade show presenter.

Lastly, having dealt with Susan in the past, there is no one I'd rather have assisting me with my trade show needs.

If you'd like to learn more of what Susan Friedmann can teach you for your next show please contact her. 518-523-1320