Friday, October 17, 2008

Trade Shows and the Economy

It has been a rough couple of months for the stock market and many companies who were heavily invested in it. There has been a “doom and gloom” picture painted by the media and many public leaders and politicians have embraced the scenario.

What are hard working Americans to think when everyone around them is telling them the economy is tanking? This has created an unneeded panic in the country and many Americans are taking their money out of banks, withdrawing from their retirement accounts, and completely freezing all their spending. This, in effect, has caused lower retail sales. America is said to have a fundamentally weak economy and that we are heading into a depression…

Once again this is a typical worst case scenario presented in the main stream media to boost their ratings. There is absolutely no reason to panic and take all of your money out of the banks. The US economy is one of the strongest in the world because of our small business base.

If you watched the most recent Presidential debate you heard about Joe the Plummer. Everyone focused on his tax concerns but the great thing about Joe is that in this “terrible” market he is in a position to buy a business and realize the American dream. If the economy is in such a terrible state, situations like this would not happen. There are many stories like this from our customer base that are very encouraging and show the strength of the American economy. I have had multiple comments in the past two months from customers saying, “I am so busy right now I cannot handle it!”

This is a prime market to take advantage of the low interest rates, affordable housing, and clearance sales from car dealerships and retailers. It is also a good time to make low risk and diversified stock investments. This is not a market to take your money and hide; this is a prime market for strong investment and guaranteed high ROI.

Now what on earth does this have to do with trade shows? It’s the same basic concept. If you see your competitors taking the retrenching approach to advertising it is your opportunity to take a larger portion of the market share. Even if the industry is declining, an increased market share will either level out or increase business.

Press forward in this uncertain market and make well planned business decisions. Some the greatest business men of our time are taking 100% advantage of this market and its paying off for them.

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If you decide to push forward and you reap the rewards from your business decisions do not forget the reason we are in this economic mess in the first place - Poor financial planning and too much leverage – on the business and personal level. Always make smart financial decisions and plan for the future, never jump on “get rich quick” programs and remember high return = high risk. You might make a lot, but you also could lose it all. Always make reasonable and secure business and investment decisions.

Thank You

Smash Hit Displays, LLC