Friday, June 23, 2006

Trade Show Trends... Are the numbers significant?

These days we are inundated with numbers and percentages pertaining to every facet of our lives, so it would figure there are hard numbers out there for trade show events. Anyone who cares to decipher their meaning is more than welcome to take a peak.
Upon first blush my response was, "hmmm not really that interesting". But, after taking a more tactical view there were some nuggets to be garnered.
We all know trade shows work for those who invest the necessary time and money into their booth. When done properly that booth will convey the image and brand desired by the vendor in order to lure new customers. If not, we wouldn't enter the numbers of trade show displays we do per annum.
Based on that assumption, do we really feel it necessary to know that in 2005, 84% of attendees exhibited Net Buying Influences- percentage of attendees with buying power (final say, specify, recommend) for one or more products exhibited) or that the Traffic Density- number of attendees occupying every 100 square feet of exhibit space was 2.3? NO!
But, knowing the Average Hours- amount of time an average attendee spends visiting all exhibits 7.8 hours was worth remembering. Further, you might know the percentage of those attending and their buying plans was 53%. That piece of information is good to know from an exhibitor stand point knowing you have a better than 1 in 2 chance of closing an attendee each time they come into your booth. The goal based on that number should be to increase that closing percentage!
It should be noted that 53% is pretty high given its still a passive atmosphere where the customer has to make the first move in most instances. Now, that can be manipulated via contests, promotional items, giveaways, or shoe models on premesis but most booths don't go those routes because of the money issue.
Finally, just remember when looking at the breakdowns for the past few years, they're just numbers and you can manipulate the crowds with a little bit of forethought and originality to generate the outcome desired.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

7 Deadly Sins to avoid when purchasing Promotional Items

For those tradeshow presenters pondering marketing your next trade show display or booth with promotional items, take a gander at a few of those pitfalls to avoid in order to have a successful exhibition and reap it's inherent rewards... new customers and increased sales!
1- Don't purchase throw-aways and/or non-repetitive message senders
2- Target your offerings to those who are key decision makers
3- Don't forget your loyal customer base
4- Buy your items based on quality and not necessarily price
To learn the final four hazards made when procuring promotional items, click on the article title.
You would be wise to remember these simple but important perils in order to project the most professional and impressionable booth at your show!
Further, if you are in need of promotional items for that next show feel free to contact our promotional items guru at

Thursday, June 01, 2006

'Guys Night Out'

As I have matured, time spent with close friends, though infrequent, has become more treasured. Maybe it's the fellowship, the feelings of youth rekindled, the conversations engaged, or maybe, just maybe, its simply connecting with those we care about but for one reason or another in this age of time poverty we see less and less.
Whether its girlfriends, wives, families, friends, or work, our 'free time' as it was, has become squeezed. Typically, the first of those referenced above to be overlooked would be... friends. 'Guys night out' just convened recently and I found myself pondering many aspects of that time together afterwwards on my ritualistic nightly jog. The four horsemen gathered at a local watering hole and although it was an excuse to booze, as the saying goes, it was much more.
The group to whom I am referring has known one another for well over 20 years! Adrian, Kevin, Linwood and myself meet infrequently, attempting a once a month summit. But, that predictably doesn't happen based on our frenzied schedules. Ultimately, when we meet, I believe we all feel a bit more spry, young at heart and more animated.
Why you ask? Well, friendships spanning that duration empower each of us to speak our minds, interject thoughts we might harbor for whatever reasons with our daily personal interactions, and allow us to be ourselves.
Our 'night out' started as usual with fraternal handshakes, a bear hug, followed by drinks around the table. All the while, conversation grew from what movies had we seen lately, to books read, to World Cup Soccer, NBA Playoffs, French Open, travel abroad, shoe-model establishments, to reading relationship barometers. But after more beverages were consumed, our conversation transformed to a more serious aire. We established our typical rants on conspiracy theories of old, today's politics, the war in Iraq, into how the media had become an ever-expanding hindrance into our most basic ways of life.
An epiphany struck me at some point during that period of substance and sincerity. Our band of fellowship was much more than an excuse to drink with the guys. It had become a welcome liberation to the customary turbulence that shepherds our daily lives, a time to bond with old friends and become updated with what's transpired between our gatherings. That time, though short, revives us and reminds us of who we were and who we have become to this point in our lives. It is without a doubt a recharging at times of our fraternal batteries and keeps us cognizant of who might be out of sight but never out of mind.