Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Advertising After the Show

There is a new product out that helps exhibitors reach potential clients like never before, its called trade show news television and it allows exhibitors to broadcast over the internet with streaming video. This helps exhibitors follow up with potential clients and reach clients that could not attend the show.

This reiterates the point that follow up is very important to maximize potential clients at trade shows. Using a great trade show display from Smash Hit Displays is the first thing to create a great trade show experience for your clients. Create a fun and professional atmosphere by making eye contact, asking questions, and listening.

You can check out our trade show articles and tips to get advice and clues on how to make your trade show profitable. Just remember to get a great trade show display and present yourself well to your clients.


Smash Hit Displays, LLC

Monday, July 28, 2008

The Importance of Trade Show Displays

With all the planning and rushing to organize a trade show display, it can be overlooked as to why you are attending it in the first place. The main goal of a trade show is to market a product and/or service for a wide variety of people in order to expand your client base. It is important take a step back and remembers your target client base and what it takes to get their attention over the competition.

In some industry’s it is very valuable to stay up to date with the most modern displays so you customers see innovation and change, such as the Alumalite, Nline, and Xpressions displays. In other industries a standard pop up display is the norm and anything else might be overlooked.

At Smash Hit Displays we can help guide you to the most valuable display to purchase. Our main goal is to sell you the display that is right for you and will make your client base expand. We are budget sensitive and will not push you over your budget, however we will find the right display for you!

Please visit our new go green page to view our expanding line of eco-friendly display products and please visit our Alumalite display page to see the lowest prices on Alumalite’s in the industry. Thank you for choosing Smash Hit Displays!

Matt Nixon

Smash Hit Displays, LLC

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Check our new site!

We have finally launched our new web site! We still offer all the same products but with an easy to use, customer friendly site! It is now extremely simple to view out custom display page which have multiple design idea to base a customer displays design. We have a new and improved graphic design page which explains our design department and shows previous designs we have created.

We are most proud of our Go Green section which showcases all the newest green trade show displays on the market. We have put a lot of time and effort into launching this section and we have we can meet our customers’ needs by offering a green alternative to standard trade show products.

We still offer the classics: pop up displays, panel systems, truss systems, banner stands, and fabric tension, as well as a full line of trade show accessories. Please keep view our site to see out most recent trade show display additions like the Alumalite and Nline series displays.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Our company is getting a facelift!

At Smash Hit Displays we take great pride in our easy to use, customer friendly web site but we have taken it to the next step! We are getting ready to launch a new and improved web site that is more interactive and easy to use than our current site. We will not be offering a full line of green trade show products as well as all the latest trends such as Alumalite and Xpressions displays.

With shipping prices going through the roof, we will still offer free ground shipping on select items to save all of our customer’s money. We also offer a full line of lightweight, compact displays that are very easy to ship and can be carried onto airplanes.

The most impressive aspect of our new site will be the custom display section which will feature an expanding page of custom displays and options to customize a display to your companies needs. We will continue to offer great service and customer support as well as our popular pop up displays and banner stands!