Tuesday, November 17, 2009

When to Effectively Use Banner Stands

Banner stands are a very popular marketing tool that work in many different situations. They can be used as informational displays in storefronts or used effectively at trade shows. There are many styles and types of banner stands that have their own specific purpose. Retractable banner stands are great for trade shows and traveling events. They pop up very quickly and assembly in a matter of seconds. This feature also makes these banner stands slightly more expensive that traditional solid pole banners.

Solid pole and spring back banners are great for in-store displays and for semi-permanent displays because they are lower cost than retractable banners with the same impact. We offer many different sizes so you can find a banner that will fit your trade show or store front. We can also combine multiple banners to make a graphic back wall. The low cost and versatility of banner stands make them a great option for any type of graphic marketing!

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